General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!
All torrents must have U2-related content, this is a U2-only tracker!

It is important to completely read the following rules before uploading a recording. Failure to comply with these rules will get a torrent banned and may get the uploader demoted or banned.

U2T does NOT host any recordings. Be aware of the laws applying to bit torrent downloads in your country.
General Forum Guidelines
No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.
No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
No language other than English in the forums, except in the special language forums.
No Spam - Do not use the forums/Shoutbox/Comments to promote external websites, blogs, promotions, contests, services, affiliate ID's, or other products, without prior authorization.
No serials, CD keys, passwords, lossy links, no links to warez or crack sites!.
No requesting if the release is over 7 days old.
No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted.)
No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function,instead of posting a double
Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section
Conversion Rules for files
Do NOT convert Lossless files from one format into the other. Even though in theory you will not loose any information, we suggest you try to stick with the original format to also keep the files exchangeable with reseeds for example. That way you can easily jump on again as seeder when you want to. See below for links to website for the different formats, or else the help pages.
The same rule applies to video files!
If you have no other choice and have to convert, then always try to locate the original uploader and ask first if it is ok to do so!
When you want to create a matrix or remove click or pops or hiss or simply want to improve the quality of the sound...again ASK the original uploader (recorder of the torrent) first before doing the conversion!
Respect the tapers wishes!!
Content-related requirements (Commercial)
Any professionally recorded show that is made available by U2 for sale at retail (past or present) will not be permitted to be uploaded to

This includes:

  • Commercially released in any digital form (CD`s, DVD`s, Laser Discs, Blu Ray...etc)
  • Commercially released in any analog form (VHS-Videos, and/or Vinyl...etc)
  • Commercially released in any online stores (like iTunes,,
  • Anything released for fan club memberships packages.

* Non-commercial releases like promos, press kits etc. can be uploaded.
* Audience/IEM recordings (fan recordings) having one, two, or maybe more commercially available clips (tracks) will be judged and allowed per discretion of the mod team. Any questions about this exception should be directed to the mod staff.
Content-related requirements (PAY TV)
No torrent may contain recordings (audio or video) from Pay-TV stations such as but not limited to:

HBO; Showtime; XM Radio; SIRIUS; Canal+; Mezzo; BSkyB; Premiere

The same applies to all pay-per-view events on any station or channel.
Content-related requirements (Snippet Exception)
  • Within compilations, documentaries etc. snippets of commercial releases with a length of up to 60 seconds will be tolerated.

  • Individual snippets (or fragments) can now be uploaded on U2Torrents as well. Snippets must be uploaded in the Snippets Category, which has been created for these types of uploads. Snippets still have to follow the same general quality rules as the non-snippet torrents! Teaser torrents are not allowed. Uploaders are invited to share complete recordings.
Content-related requirements (NO Duplicates on the Tracker)
No recording may be uploaded that are already/still on the tracker, no matter how many seeders or leechers are left.

*Before uploading a recording it is therefore mandatory to check if it is already/still on the tracker using the search option.
*Upgrades to recordings already/still on the tracker are welcome. Make sure to point out what makes your upload superior to the existing one.
*We do want to point out that when possible you should obtain the original tapers permission! Sometimes, with very old recordings this might not be possible... if so, then use the forum FIRST to discuss!
Content-related requirements (Respect tapers wishes)
If a taper involved in a recording does not want their recording posted as a torrent, they can use the Contact Mods link under the Support menu. Let us know and we will stop the torrent. We do our best to respect the wishes of tapers and yes, we realize they don't "own" the music and all the other arguments. But, we realize the sacrifice involved in capturing a good recording and also appreciate their generosity in sharing that recording(s) and therefore try our best to accommodate their wishes.
Technical requirements (Information File)
All torrents must contain a .txt file indicating the date and location of the performance and the source, lineage and set list of the recording.

If any of the above is unknown or unclear this must be mentioned.

Any torrent not containing such file will be banned.

(source: origin of a recording; lineage: transfers and conversions of a recording)
Technical requirements (Date Format)
The following date format must be used: YYYY-MM-DD (Y=year, M=month, D=day)

U2T recommends to apply the following naming conventions: for lossless audio

Video: yyyy-mm-dd.xxxf - City (Taper, Gear) and/or (Recording Name) ; xxx = file type, eg. dvdf for a dvd

Technical requirements (Audio)
All audio uploads must be in a lossless and compressed audio format like

  • FLAC (About Flac) (preferably)
  • SHN (About Shorten)
  • APE (About APE)

Unacceptable formats are for example:MP3, OGG, WMV, AAC (all lossy)
WAV, AIFF (lossless but uncompressed)

Audio ripped from DVD recordings should not be uploaded unless it is from pcm (and not ac3, mp3 etc.) audio and unless there is no equal audio recording yet.

No torrent may contain audio material that comes from a lossy source or has ever been converted to a lossy format.

In order to determine if an audio recording is lossless a screenshot of a frequency analysis (FA) must be attached to a comment of the torrent in the following cases:
  • Unknown source ( CD-R, `Trade` )
  • Unknown lineage ( CD-R, UDG) (UDG = unknown digital generation )
  • Lineage including a DAE ( DAE = digital audio extraction, commonly known as ripping an audio CD )
  • In case of any doubt about the source or the lineage

Help on how to create a FA can be found in the U2T forum.

Before uploading take the time to completely listen to a recording to avoid uploading one that contains skips or other errors.
Technical requirements (Video)
All video uploads must be at least in DVD quality and should be in DVD format.

Video sourced from inferior sources (VCD, SVCD, XviD, etc.) is absolutely unacceptable.
Remember that source, lineage, and format details (PAL or NTSC) MUST be included in the INFO FILE.

Also, DVD uploads that are on 2 (or more disks) are required to be uploaded together. So if you have a 2 disk DVD that you want to upload then please include BOTH DVDs in your upload! This is a requirement now!

New Options, Loose files

With the new technology in place, and websites like YouTube having HD options, members are no longer allowed to upload loose files or a collection of them like raw camera files, which are only posted for people (in the end) to create a multicam/compilation disc. This website is to be used to upload complete (or as close to being) shows, either from live performances or TV shows.

Acceptions to this rule:

Compilation DVDs can still be uploaded (DO search for the best quality videos out there) When uploading a compilation you need to provided a complete!! source for each included clip.

Multicam DVDs are not affected by this rule, but again you need to provide all your sources

.Mpeg (minimum DVD quality) or .Ts (DVD Quality) or .avi (DVD Quality) files can be shared when they involve a recording in its entirety (or very close to)!!

HD Video Formats

Considering HD Video recordings...

We follow the analog of the DVD formats, this means:

When recordings are made and edited into a single file, they should be complete or close to complete recordings of a live performance or TV show. Just like with DVD format videos.
When a recording is a compiled disc (either from compilation, multicam or other forms of editing) they are now allowed in ISO format.

This both concerns HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, but if you have a choice, then try to stick with the Blu-Ray format when editing High Definition. If you choose to upload the loose files which belong to a disc (see HERE) you are of course free to do so, but as you can see from the given link...there might be dozens of files. ALWAYS try to be as thorough as you can in describing the disc, and what people should be doing to get to watch the files or disc.

The ISO format ONLY applies to HD Video (either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD), and NOT to standard DVDs!!
Specific file formats will be defined in a follow up on this rule...
Technical requirements (General)
No torrent(except the HD Video Formats) may contain archives (compressed or uncompressed) like .RAR, .ZIP, .7Z etc., image files like .iso, .img etc. or executable files like .EXE etc.
Lossy Linking
Linking to lossy material is not allowed from Feel free to use the PM system for sharing these links.



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